WASH Interventions

Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) interventions

BGPI Group works to ensure that sustainable and affordable access to household water treatments are available in rural communities so they can readily incorporate potable water and effective WASH practices in their daily lives. We have a local production facility that produces a combined flocculent-disinfectant that treats 20 liters of turbid water. To complement our sachet production, we also undertake WASH interventions to promote effective behavior change.

To do so, BGPI Group works with different local organizations to create joint interventions to further promote behavioral change. Based on these efforts, we have observed positive changes in many rural communities in utilizing WASH principles such as seeking clean water, safe storage, and being more aware of and concerned about sanitation and hygiene.

WASH Intervention Tour in SNNP

Benshangul WASH Intervention

Gambela WASH Intervention