Welcome to Bishan Gari Purification Industries PLC.

Bishan Gari Purification industry is an African firm committed to increasing affordable access to potable water supply for all those who need it.

Simple Water Purification

The product and WASH interventions provided through Bishan Gari helps people in the developing world to gain access to clean water. This is a local technology/innovation helping to provide equity and access to sanitation and hygiene.

Access to Safe Potable Water in Ethiopia

Bishan Gari water purifier was created; it essentially eliminates diarrhea and other waterborne related diseases, which lead to deaths. Thus having access to clean and safe drinking water significantly increases the socio-economic development of the country as a whole.

Best Quality

It increases safe drinking water coverage in countries plagued with contaminated water.Treated water can be used for over 48 hours



Expect consistent protection from bacteria, viruses, giardia cysts when used as directed.Reduces cloudiness/turbidity



Simple to use plus our product is priced low to maximize access to clean, safe, drinking wate.


Bishan Gari Sachet

Our combined flocculent-disinfectant powder mixtures contain a chlorine disinfectant (calcium hypochlorite) for killing bacteria and certain viruses and a coagulant for reducing turbidity and microbial loads such as protozoa, bacteria and viruses. All ingredients used in Bishan Gari are used for purifying water in treatment plants all over the world. Bishan Gari water purifer is a flocculentdisinfectant and fulflls all of these criteria.

Each Bishan Gari Sachet contains a mixture of aluminum sulphate,calcium hypochlorite and ,Ferric Sulphate in a 2.1 and 2.2 gm sachet.





Litters of clean water

Sachets Donated

More than Million Pepole Reached

Years serving the community

How To Treat Water with Bishan Gari sachet

A single Bishan Gari sachet can treat 20 liters of turbid and disease infested water. We ensure the safety of all of our users thus only using scientifically approved compositions that implement the highest quality of inputs to purify contaminated water.

Step 1

Add 20 liters of raw water into a bucket.

Step 2

Open the sachet and add the contents of the sachet into the bucket.

Step 3

Stir rapidly with a stick for 2 minutes and then stir slowly for an additional 3-5 minutes

Step 4

Wait for 30 minutes until the flocks settle and all the germs die, the longer the detention time the clearer the treated water

Step 5

Strain the water through a thick cotton cloth into a safe water storage container and then bury the settled substances (I.E: sludge)

Step 6

The water is finally ready for consumption. The treated water can be used until finished – make sure to store in a safe water container